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Conference Proceedings

  • Calabro, K.M., Kiger, K.T., Lawson, W., and G.M. Zhang
    New Directions in Freshman Engineering Design at the University of Maryland
    FIE ’08 Conference Proceedings, pp. T2D-6, October 2008, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Chang, P., and W.L. Fourney
    Design-Based Course Sequence in Statics and Strength of Materials
    International Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 16. No. 5, 2000.
  • Dally, J.W., and G. M. Zhang
    A Freshman Engineering Design Course
    Journal of Engineering Education, pp. 83-91, April 1993.


  • Dally, J.W.,
    Introduction to Engineering Design. Book 9, Third Edition: Engineering Skills and Hovercraft Missions.
    Knoxville: College House Enterprises, 2008.
  • Dally, J.W., and R.J. Bonenberger
    Design Analysis of Structural Elements.
    Knoxville: College House Enterprises, 2004.
  • Bonenberger, R.J., and J.W. Dally
    Problems: Statics and Mechanics of Materials.
    Knoxville: College House Enterprises, 2004.

Campus Publications

  • Roop, N.P., and Calabro, K.M.
    The Keystone Program: How Engineering improved its retention rate.
    Center for Teaching Excellence, Teaching & Learning News, March 2012